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   Health Reform
  Affordable Care Act, better known as “health reform”, will produce a sea change in healthcare. Of course, there is a great deal of confusion today, as we muddle through new initiatives and pilot programs. But to hope that we will go back to the “old system” is just wishful thinking. Neither is it wise to think that “old tools” will help in the new post-reform environment. The upside is that there is a tremendous opportunity for providers, healthplans, employers and state and local organizations to tackle rising healthcare costs using modern business and management tools. Not by denying care or lowering benefits but by offering quality efficient care to maintain the health of enrollees.
  Our company's focus for the last thirty years has been on providers and during the last few years, self-insured organizations and healthplans. We have invested heavily to offer modern IT solutions to these stakeholders, building on our domain expertise and IT skills.
  Our new contributions fall into three classes: (i) Tools for managing new provider organizations like the ACO; (ii) A web-based tool to manage chronic patient populations and (iii) a patent pending program to analyze chronic diseases and the efficacy of preventive care programs in populations.
   Software Solutions
  ACO Management
 Physmark’s PayerSoft product, a premiere PHO management package, has been integrated with its new Cyber Patient Center to create PayerSoft-ACO, to help ACOs manage both their financial and clinical contracts with providers and healthplans. When a hospital in an ACO is allied with multiple provider groups, each with a different EMR, or when healthplans service multiple ACOs, there is a great need to consolidate all data into one system to produce reports and analysis for the entire set of enrollees. PayerSoft-ACO makes it easy to accept data from diverse systems, consolidate them into a single database and make them available to the central management office in an automated manner.

  Cyber Patient Center
 For patients CPC is a tool for self-management of their disease, and allows access from anywhere and anytime. Powerful messaging and alerts help patients comply with treatment protocols. For providers, CPC is a tool for population management, with the possibility of offering point of care best practice guidelines and peer group comparisons of performance and identification of gaps of care.

  HealthKeys and Care Maps
 Created using a patent pending population model, Care Maps show the prevalence, incidence and cost of chronic conditions as well as effectiveness of care programs in a population. It helps answer questions such as, "Which chronic diseases are significant for a population?" and, "Which preventive care programs are effective and which are not?" HealthKeys is a decision support system to answer "What if?" questions.
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